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The way we work is changing and will continue to do so as we progress with cloud based solutions and working from whenever or wherever we are located. The issue with cloud based services is the reliance on our connectivity. This is pretty much the same for voice and video – the technologies are great but if our underlying connectivity is not fit for purpose, the results may impact productivity and even revenue. As an example, BT Lync offers the ability make voice and video calls – the end quality will very much depend on your actual connectivity.

BT Office 365

Our diagnostic approach is used to build WAN (Wide Area Network) architectures in the main but has transitioned well to help companies procure BT Office 365. As we mentioned within the first paragraph, the workflow to understand whether your connectivity is fit for purpose may be accessed as part of the standard BT approach. Of course, you may well be confident in your existing connectivity and simply wish to make a straightforward BT Office 365, we’ll help you engage efficiently.
Network Union will make use of any existing data which may be accessible such as usage stats. If existing stats are not available, we’ll look to understand your applications to better make a decision on whether Office 365 is suitable vs your connectivity.

Let’s talk about some of the key benefits

The most simplest value proposition is that your users are able to work anywhere with access to email, calendar, contacts, documents, instant messenger, presence and online meetings. It’s not just documents, the BT Office 365 proposition really allows your company to collaborate like never before – see when people are online, send them messages, files and even share applications. These include Exchange online, sharepoint online, lync online and office web apps. Another major benefit is that you’ll always be using the latest version of Office applications.

We love BT Lync – being able to join meetings and video conference people within your organisation is simply a game changer.

The proposition is simple. Rather than storing documents on your users laptops and company servers, BT Office 365 costs from £5 per month. That’s access on any device from a web browser, smart phone or tablet.BT Office 365 is complete with a service desk, 24/7 with a ‘welcome to service’ call to help you get up and running.

The service is also protected worldwide with servers using the latest industry-leading anti-virus software and anti spam software. The uptime of the service is backed up by a 99.9% SLA.

Here are some of the facts: (In addition to Office apps)


  • 25GM mailbox
  • autoupdate of email, calendar and contacts
  • Built in anti-virus and spam
  • Sharepoint
  • Easy to use web site creation tools for customers and internally
  • Online storage of documents and content
  • 10GB standard storage, 500MB per subscriber – if you have 10 people, your storage limit will be 15GB

BT Lync

With BT Lync instant messenger, you’re able to see when people re online and send messages and make video calls and meetings.

So, why buy BT Office 365 from BT?

BT are working with Microsoft – there’s a true business partnership there and not just a resale of their products
BT offering connectivity from business broadband, EFM through to dedicated 10MB or 100MB true Ethernet – a one stop shop
BT’s latest BT Business Hub provides an openzone hotspot for your colleagues and visitors to use your wireless connection
Inclusive openzone minutes means you can use 4 million UK hotspots – coverage almost wherever you are without having to spend
BT One Bill, all your services billed on one invoice

Thanks for taking the time to read our article, let us know if you have any questions.