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As an Authorised BT Business Partner, we have access to the latest deals and pricing. Achieve extra cash back when placing an order through the Union.

The BT Business Broadband Deals – How it works

BT Business Broadband Deals.

BT Business Broadband Deals.

Network Union is a BT Authorised Business Partner. We won two BT Business awards in 2014. Our status with BT means we effectively operate as a BT agent licensed to sell BT Business products and services. We have the entire range of BT Business Broadband products and are well placed to check availability and talk you through the latest BT products and deals.

The prices we provide you with are directly from BT Business and therefore represent all current BT packages. Any subsequent sales result in:

A contract between your business and BT (not us)
Invoices from BT as normal. We do not add margins and there are no hidden costs
BT provide your end to end support via the BT Business Helpdesk

The difference

All orders must be placed through our agency on your behalf. You will also receive a dedicated account manager thoughout your contract although any technical support issues must go directly through to the BT Business help desk.

What to expect?

For all new BT Business Broadband fibre clients, we are offering a £50 cash payment for you to spend as you wish which is a permanent offer we have ongoing until future notice. (Note, this is a cash transfer or cheque, not vouchers or a credit note). New for 2014, all BT Business Broadband deals placed through The Network Union will be assigned an account manager. This resource does not replace your access to BT support teams and is a complimentary point of contact to answer any questions you may have relating to products together with ensure you are placed on the best possible tariffs.

What should I know?

BT Authorised Partners are not resellers. We do not add fees or margins and your end to end contract and support is directly with BT. Network Union become your point of contact for all account related activities.


We have full checker access to all BT products including BT FTTP (Fibre to the Premises), BT FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and BT ADSL2.

What else should you know?

Whenever new exchanges are made available with fibre we get to know in advance and share this detail with your business.

The latest BT Business Broadband deals – BT also offer BT Business Complete offering further savings

With every enquiry, we create a PDF which explains every option specific to your postcode check – you select from budget vs capability and speeds

For any new prospects looking for the latest BT Business Broadband deals, we are providing the following added benefits included within BT’s costs.

Orders are placed by our team into BT and checked on a daily basis to ensure broadband is delivered fast. Access to tutorial content clearly showing users how to take advantage of BT’s national Wifi network and how to setup guest internet access.
There are some great reasons to consider BT including next day fix times, a cost effective option for unlimited usage and their massive investment within the BT network. Not all business broadband products are the same as the overall performance also depends on the providers core network and how well engineered capacity is to cope with the demand thousands of customers create. As a BT direct client, you’ll be connecting to the largest backbone of any provider.
We mentioned earlier that there is a new version of the BT Business Hub with strong wireless signal. The strength of your wireless shouldn’t be underestimated. In our experience, the majority of customer issues and problems surround their wireless access and therefore achieving the strongest signal possible is an important aspect. Of course, we understand other issues may exist with wireless but, weak strength is common.

Prioritised traffic and guess access

BT Business Broadband is also prioritised over and above consumer traffic. This essentially means that traffic from your business broadband account is given priority across the backbone. This not only helps with busy traffic periods but also ensures your path across the BT network is the best possible in terms of latency and jitter. Which is very important when using Broadband for SIP – SIP is a way of transmitting VoIP (Voice over IP) across the BT network.
One other nice feature of the new Business Hub surrounds ‘Guest Internet Access’. A separate Wireless access network using your single home hub and DSL line – this means guest users connect via a new wireless network ID and kept off your business LAN (Local Area Network).

National Wifi access across the UK

The BT national WiFi network access really is another excellent feature, especially as access is provided at no additional costs. This makes any travel you make throughout the UK easy from the perspective of connectivity for your laptop or smartphone. There is 5 million hotspots in the UK and 6.5 million abroad, a real benefit for those businesses looking to buy BT Broadband.

Product types from BT Business Broadband packages – FTTC, FTTP and ADSL2

Let’s discuss some of the different products. Firstly, let’s clear up BT’s Broadband product names:
BT Infinity for Business surrounds their fibre based product. The fibre connectivity revolves around two connectivity types – FTTC and FTTP.

FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet – provides fibre connectivity from the local BT exchange to the cabinet in your street. The connectivity from the cabinet to your premises is based on copper wiring. The net result is that speeds are very much dependent on the quality of your copper and the distance to the cabinet. Therefore, clients based closer to the cabinet have more chances of reaching the higher fibre speeds – those clients with extensive copper will be subject to lower speeds.

There are also multiple options which exist with the BT Business FTTC product.

Option 1

BT Infinity for Business Option 1 – FTTC
Option 1 provides download speeds of up to 38Mbps and upload speeds of up to 9.5Mbps

Option 2

BT Infinity for Business Option 2 – FTTC
Option 2 provides download speeds of up to 76Mbps and upload speeds of up to 19Mbps

The contracts are based on 24 months for the most cost effective entry point but 12 month contracts are also available.
With BT Option 1 and Option 2, there’s a further two decisions to be made. Whether or not you go with Advance or Advance Support.

The two versions refer to usage.

The Advance product name refers to the BT Business Broadband usage based service which provides your business with 100Gbps per month. The Advance Support variant provides unlimited usage. The difference between the two products from a cost perspective is low – although the Advance product provides plenty of bandwidth per month, the fibre based services drive more usage so we would recommend going for the Advance Support unlimited product. I would say the majority of our clients the BT Business unlimited bandwidth option.

Next is the BT implementation of BT FTTP – Fibre to the Premises – and BT FTTP on Demand. A newer and lower availability product from BT.

The latest offering from BT surrounds end to end fibre from your premises to the BT Exchange. The FTTP product has the plus point that the service is not impacted by the issue we see with copper – distance and quality. Therefore BT are currently offering a single speed of 330MB Downstream and 30MB Upstream regardless of your location. This said, BT FTTP is only available in restricted locations right now. We believe this will change fairly quickly over time and have a database of clients looking for regular FTTP checks. There are some Business Broadband exchanges with native FTTP capability which means fibre is installed to peoples business and homes therefore orders may be placed right now.

BT understand the challenge of the massive amount of copper connecting business and homes in the UK. And, for this reason, they are working to bring FTTP on Demand to the masses. The FTTP on Demand product describes a process of BT routing fibre over the same path as a clients existing copper wiring. Or, perhaps an improved path depending on the situation. How this will work for BT Business Broadband in rural locations is yet to be fully understood but the overall concept is good.
The BT FTTP Product is known as BT Infinity for Business Option 3. The service is only available as unlimited usage, otherwise know as Advance Support as we mentioned earlier.

For clients where FTTC and FTTP are unavailable, you will be subject to products which are based on end to end copper – ADSL2 – or, you would need to consider a BTNet leased line.

To progress your availability check with a report on the latest speeds and costs, scroll back up and click the rectangle. Note, your data is kept strictly private.

With the ADSL2 BT product, providers have developed software to increase the achievable speeds over the copper based infrastructure. If you consider the performance of early DSL lines compared to those achieved by ADSL2, we have come quite far. The technology is fine for the small business but the newer FTTP product is certainly the way forward. With this said, FTTC is still not yet available at all exchanges and as such, these legacy products might be the only available solution. It is important to note that all clients using our interface into BT will receive regular checks on FTTC and FTTP upgrade availability. ADSL2 speeds are good and in some instances, for smaller offices, represent enough bandwidth.

The next step, BTNet leased lines

When FTTC or FTTP is not available, a BTNet Internet leased line offers significant benefits over DSL – both Business Broadband FTTC and FTTP but, at an increased cost. The typical speed for a BTNet leased line is 100Mbps which you are able to tier down to the required bandwidth – e.g. 100Mbps tiered at 10Mbps. All circuits nowadays are provided as Ethernet, this is BT’s standard method of delivery. Over and above BT Business Broadband, BTNet also provides a more stable and improved SLA (Service Level Agreement) with symmetric speeds. As you will no doubt be aware, ADSL (the A stands for asymmetric) and therefore your upstream bandwidth and downstream are provided using different speeds. One other point to note is that broadband in general offer variable speeds at different points in the business day.

BT’s standard process is designed to take prospects from ordering to delivery. Our process follows exactly the same path but with added process elements such as order checking, escalation where issues and problems exist and finally video content to help you setup guest wireless access and BT Wifi Hotspot access. We believe these elements add substantial value to BT prospects and clients. Plus, we will also help you to upgrade your business broadband as required throughout contract.

Additional added value to your broadband

Other value add services exist as optional extras such as storage backup, BT Office 365, mobiles, call plans and even PC support. These kind of services are not made obviously available on BT’s website, therefore we will provide a PDF which will clearly outline the options. BT Office 365 is also available with several tiers depending on requirements – we have demo accounts available for BT Broadband clients. For larger prospects, we are offering an hour workshop which will cover the Microsoft Office and BT Broadband proposition in more detail. The session is designed to show how the applications provide not only the standard Office workflows tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint but also storage tools, coloboration such as Lync. Lync over Broadband works particularly well and when combined with BT national Wifi connectivity, the proposition is excellent.

For those of you wondering about running VoIP over BT Business Broadband

We suggest you consider the following facts. Whilst there is plenty of bandwidth associated with DSL today, there is no real way of guaranteeing the voice traffic. At a high level, good bandwidth means you would easily be able to run multiple calls over your DSL circuit. This said, your organisation needs to be aware that there are no guarantees on voice performance. If you’re considering running VoIP over BT Business Internet and require service levels which will ensure good performance, the BTNet leased line product of MPLS is the way to meet these needs. If you are intent on running VoIP over ADSL, we recommend two circuits. One circuit for data and another for running SIP (VoIP). This is largely because the amount of usage associated with Internet traffic is unknown – e.g. a user could simply download a huge file which could impact your VoIP traffic quality if you’re using a single circuit. Of course using two circuits will remove this problem in it’s entirety. With every VoIP for business solution, jitter and latency are key aspects – this means you must be sending your traffic over a well engineered backbone. BT represents safety in this respect with a huge amount being spent on network investment and growth. Plus we mentioned earlier, BT prioritise business broadband traffic to ensure a goodlevel of service is provided.

Business Sales

If you would like to compare multiple costs – e.g. BT Infinity vs BTNet Internet, we are able to show you a comparison but be prepared that BTNet normally runs to several hundred whereas broadband is a much lower monthly expenditure. The broadband cost is very low by comparison.

If you have any further questions on why BT Infinity for Business, let us know. The £50 BT Business broadband deals voucher applies to all new clients.