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With access to the complete BT WAN services portfolio, leverage our authorised partnership to propose, design and price your next WAN.

Our step by step BT WAN Network procurement Mindmap won the BT Business Innovation award this year. Learn everything you need to know, step by step, all pitfalls, risks and opportunities covered. Request your copy below and read on to understand how we assist organisations with Global and UK BT WAN services including design, proposals, account management and commercials.

We are agile. If you’re on a mission to turn around a fast proposal, we have access to BT’s process. Have more time? Let us document and produce reports on your applications and strategy to fully align with the BT WAN network portfolio.

If you’re considering a BT WAN, click the button below. We will meet you for a coffee or attend a conference call to show you how to buy from an agile area of BT. Exactly the same resources apply, you contract direct but we help with the design and due diligence process within presales and throughout contract.

“We’d had a poor 5 year contract with a reseller. Network Union helped us go direct with BT via their process which ensured we understood strengths and weaknesses. We now have improved service and connectivity. The new WAN services are finally an enabler and not a bottleneck.”
— Head of Procurement, Russell Finex

BT is a compelling proposition for Global and UK companies – this is echoed by Gartners recent report on BT Global Services. Network Union have assisted a number of Global and UK organisations to procure direct WAN solutions. Remember, your company is at a clear advantage by engaging in partnership with The Network Union. Organisations such as Royal British Legion, Russell Finex and others are excellent references to our workflows. The overall BT company has around 4000 customers with almost 75,000 ports and a growth of 800 ports month on month.

We’ve built a BT WAN process from the ground up design to re-imagine how clients build their own personal WAN architecture based on reach, applications, process and strategy. We call this our organisational approach to WAN design. By the way, if you’re looking for specific detail on BT MPLS, BT VPLS or SIP, click one of the links in the menu.

“Due to weak process surrounding delivery and ongoing support, the telecom sector suffers the highest customer churn rate of any industry.”

Let’s be clear about the workflows. All of our process is modular – selected components may be used as little or as much as you’d like. Some companies we work with have more aggressive timescales or are in a better position to move forward quickly. Other companies we work with have major issues and problems and require a better understanding of their existing WAN strengths, weaknesses and strategy in order to avoid typical issues and problems in the future.

Before we talk process, BT services are available with true Global capability or a huge UK footprint. There’s more specific detail on the left hand menu but in short, BT offer fully managed layer 3 VPN’s and layer 2 point to point, point to multipoint and VPLS solutions. We have a multiple guides available which describe MPLS and VPLS in more detail including video content, drop us a message using the contact link via the menu. The range of products is increasing all the time – there’s also a multitude of connectivity methods from Ethernet to EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and super fast DSL products.

In order to understand your requirements, The Network Union provide the process

Some of the most business impacting issues we find surround the ongoing service issues for clients within an existing WAN contract. The issues vary from slow / incorrect delivery of new locations, incorrect router configurations, slow change requests to major service impacting issues resulting in downtime and revenue / productivity impacting support issues. The challenge is therefore to understand where these pain points exist and put in place an improvement plan to directly assist clients throughout your BT WAN contract.

Existing Solution Review: Comprehensive documentation of your strategy, process and projects together with a detailed understanding of the existing technical solution and underlying processes to establish strengths and weaknesses.
Supplier selection: Clients reaching the end of their existing WAN contract where benchmarking (to establish a reason for change) and a procurement process is required to achieve the best possible outcome with a future solution.
Training Workshops: With the ESR complete, we present an opportunity to discuss and learn about key technology topics. We find this approach provides clients with a more informed procurement decision.
Provider Agnostic Design: A fresh design based on an ideal world solution rather than a service providers products and solutions. The design is based on the learning achieved with the ESR and has a focus on minimising your issues and problems ready for procurement.
Tender: A comprehensive and highly effective tender built from the ground up to achieve the best possible outcome from the BT WAN services procurement process. Designed to align your business strategy vs the solutions available in the market place to ensure the best fit solution from a technical, commercial and business perspective.
Supplier selection and negotiation: We analyse tender responses to fully understand proposals which includes contracts, service levels, billing, change processes, support and technical design such as topology, applications, IP routing and Quality of Service. Once we gain a focus on suppliers which are fit for purpose, we enter the negotiation phase to obtain the best contracts, service levels and commercials to the benefit of our clients.
Ongoing: TNU Diligence product forms the basis of our ongoing approach to maintain smooth operation of the WAN. The Network Union also remained assigned throughout any direct BT WAN contract, we include the following workflows.

Regular reviews of router configurations ensuring routers are within operating parameters and are configured correctly with IP routing and Quality of Service. We use the ESR (Existing Site Review) detail to document this detail.
Validation of any complex adds, moves and changes.
Regular end of month statistics reviews and recommendations.
Regular end of month Service Level breaches.
Regular reviews of support issues and problems.
Product and solution updates, enhancements and recommendations.
New designs for additional projects which occur over the contract term, e.g. new solutions such as remote access or IP telephony.
Updates of documentation when any change is made to the network.
Design tweaks to improve performance throughout the contract term. This is normally a by product of our configuration reviews.
Billing validation and checks vs contract.